What is a resume?


Curriculum vitae is translated as the summary of your life, but in practice, it is more an outline of your working experience and competences. It must be performed in a way to “sell” you to your possible employer, to persuade… Continue Reading

Scholarship Essay

scholarship essay

Scholarship essays can be written on very different subjects. Nevertheless, each scholarship essay must convey your personal experience. Here we have several tips on writing this kind of essays. They will be more suitable for National Hispanic Recognition Program or… Continue Reading

Comparison Essay

comparison essay

The best way to start a comparison essay is to make two lists of similarities and distinctions of the subjects you are going to analyze. You need to decide whether your essay will reflect only similarities or only distinctions, or… Continue Reading

Research Essay

research essay

Thesis The thesis is a most important part of the research essay. Pay attention to selecting it carefully. This type of essay must show a new idea or a new point of view to the readers. There is no use… Continue Reading

Informal Essay

informal essay

Informal essay is not written for informational or official purposes. People write it for no reason but pleasure. It is never academic, mostly a composition or an opus, a thematic topic, humoresque or an expression of feelings and ideas. However,… Continue Reading

Case Study

Case studies

How to write a paper that will stand out from the crowd Writing a paper that will stand out from the crowd is every student’s goal. Professors’ use custom writing as a tool to assess the ability of a student… Continue Reading

Essay writing training

essay writing

Achieve better results day by day. Essay writing, coursework or research papers is not an easy task. One may have the desire and the need to write but become frustrated by the inability to develop and organize their ideas logically.… Continue Reading